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ADVENTURE TIME w/ NINJA TURTLES! Land of Ooo Level (Let's Build & Play LEGO Dimensions YEAR 2 #19)

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Duddy, FGTEEV Michelangelo from TMNT, Chase & Mike play their first YEAR 2 LEGO DIMENSIONS Gameplay! It's ADVENTURE TIME with FINN the HUMAN, JAKE MOBILE & ANCIENT WAR ELEPHANT. It starts off with a little FGTEEV SHOPPING and then we get straight into the LEGO Fun! Thumbs up for MORE LEGO DIMENSIONS! Level played: a Book and a Bad Guy! Pack name: Battle Evil in the Land of Ooo LEGO SET 71245 For more LEGO fun check out our new affilliate channel BRICK & BETTY! :) They are also in the last LEGO DIMENSIONS VIDEO: PIKACHU LEGO DIMENSIONS POKEMON...
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