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Cartoon Predicts Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Death in 2017 & Accident Scene In Calabasas Ca

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RIP #Kobe #KobeBryant #BlackMamba #NBALegend Predictive Programming from this REAL 2017 Cartoon Leg3nds of Ch@mb3r1ain H31ghts S 1 E 08 - End of days which I saw when it was live on cable ( I had to crop it down for CR issues) The actual accident site scene in Calabasas California January 26, 2020. Sikorsky S-76B Another Cartoon Prediction just like the Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad... LeBron James Honors Kobe Bryant as Lakers Star Passes Retired Legend on NBA's All-Time Scoring List Under the Fair Use Act of 1976 I am only using these few seconds to...
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