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The Simpsons and Treehouse of Horror Funko Pop Unboxing

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Hey guys! This is my unboxing of The Simpsons and Treehouse of Horror Funko Pops. This is my first ever unboxing so I hope you enjoyed it. Please subscribe to see more Funko Pop videos. Thank you so much for watching :) Supportive Solutions: My Socials Instagram ↠ Facebook ↠ Twitter ↠ Pop Setup: Bookshelves: Extra shelves (I have 4 extra per bookshelf): My Gear Camera: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II ( Tripod: Joby Gorilla 5K ( Audio Recorder: Zoom H1n ( Mic: Rode VideoMicro ( Camera Bracket: Vello CB-600 Straight ( Mic...
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