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Cheri ~ Murphy's Law 1982 Disco Purrfection Version

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Cheri's "Murphy's Law" came out of nowhere, a starkly funky tune with a loping bassline and a pounding piano lick that follow a gut shaking bass drum providing a sexy groove that just doesn't quit. Montreal, Quebec was a hotbed of disco activity including Gino Soccio (Dancer), Denis & Denise Lepage who worked on Lime (Your Love), Voggue (Dancing The Night Away) and Katmandu (The Break), France Joli (Come To Me), and then Freddie James (Everybody Get Up & Boogie), Geraldine Hunt (Can't Fake The Feeling) and Cheri, with Rosalind Hunt, the daughter of Geraldine and sister of Freddie James....
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